We are a dedicated team of fire department personnel from IAFF Local 1186 Union, who have come together in an endeavor to continue serving our communities during our off duty time. Our mission is to provide financial assistance to local charities, individuals, and families in need, as well as offering scholarships to local youth through fundraising and community outreach.


Jason Welsh - President

The president of the SNFF Jason Welsh was born in Vallejo, CA and grew up in Benicia, CA. He spent many of summers in Vallejo at his Grandma Hazels house. Ever since elementary school, Jason aspired to either play professional sports or to be a fireman. Jason worked at Medic Ambulance as an EMT and paramedic running 911 calls throughout Solano county and was hired with Vallejo Fire Department in 2001 where he is currently a Captain. On days off you can find Jason coaching youth sports and spending time with family and friends. Jason helped start SNFF as an inaugural member. “We wanted to be able to serve the community beyond the 911 call. You could say this charity was born out of tears and heartache. We witness so much loss and brokenness and we wanted to be able to do something beyond EMS protocols. This gives us the opportunity to give assistance quickly and serve the community we swore to serve and protect beyond our usual means.” Jason also states “I’m from here born and raised, ran calls all over this county, ran around and rode my bike through this county and I flat out care for this community. I figure God gave me a loud mouth, a lot of energy and a heart that cares and remembers where it came from. I plan on putting it to good use.”

Robbie Engell - Treasurer

Robbie Engell was born and raised in Fairfield, CA, is married with one child and currently resides in Fairfield. He began his career in EMS as an EMT and eventually a Paramedic for Medic Ambulance in 2007. Robbie’s fire career began as a Reserve Firefighter for Fairfield in 2007 where he was hired full time as a Firefighter /Paramedic in 2011. He currently works as a Fire Engineer and an Acting Captain. Robbie has been on the SNFF board for 5-6 years. “I’ve always enjoyed helping people and giving back to the community I grew up in, so the SNFF was a perfect fit for me.” On his days off he enjoys spending time with his family, cooking and spending time outdoors. He also enjoys playing softball, golf and any other sport you can think of.

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Jennifer Cluney-Fernando - Secretary

Jennifer Cluney-Fernando was born in San Jose, CA and raised in the Bay Area, settling in Vallejo in 1984 at 11 years old. Jennifer worked at Medic Ambulance for several years, where she met many of the folks who are now in various departments in Solano County. "As a teenager in Vallejo my home burned down and if not for the firefighters from Station 21, my little brother would not be here. I began volunteering for SNFF when Captain Welsh asked me if I could help out with a flier for the SNFF. I was happy to help of course. This charity is a way for me to give back in some way, to make an impact on people in the communities that I grew up in, and to help people in need when they need it the most." Jennifer currently works for Boston Properties in San Francisco as the Admin to the Accounting department, where she has been for the past 8 years. When she is not at work or doing volunteer work with SNFF, you will likely find her at home, relaxing with her family and her dog.

Veronica Castillo - Administrative Assistant

Veronica was born in Vallejo, CA and moved to Sacramento, CA at the age of 8 and currently resides in Solano County with her dog Laika. Veronica grew up with parents who both worked in EMS and fire services, immersing her in this lifestyle at a very young age. Currently Veronica works as a dispatcher for Medic Ambulance after being hired in 2018. On her days off you can find her spending time with family and friends, and playing with her dog.

Veronica joined the SNFF in 2017. "I grew up surrounded by firefighters, paramedics, dispatchers, etc. even within my own home, I've seen first hand that longing to do more for someone who just experienced the loss of their home or loved one. As a dispatcher myself now I take these calls and that's usually the end of the story for me, so it's really important to me to be able to be a part of making a difference outside of just sending the help."


Alan Bates was born in Oakland, CA and grew up in Vallejo. He became interested in the fire service while completing a college internship at a hospital in Phoenix. “I had a lot of interaction with members of the Phoenix FD and know it was something I wanted to do.” After graduating he moved back to Vallejo and began his quest for a career in the fire service. Alan started out working for AMR in Alameda County and then in Contra Costa County, and was hired by the Benicia FD in August of 2003 where he is currently a Captain. Alan spends days off running a CrossFit gym in Benicia.

“I started in the early days of the SNFF because I felt this was a great way to get involved and be a positive resource in my area.  Our vision has always been to provide help to those in need and there is no other charity or resource around that can provide such an immediate impact.”

Alan Bates - SNFF Board Member

Euclid "EJ" Abalos - American Canyon Fire Department Representative

Euclid “EJ” Abalos was born in San Francisco and moved to Vallejo in 1986. He graduated from Vallejo High School in 1996 and joined the United States Air Force where he completed 20 Years of service as an Aviator flying KC-10’s. EJ moved to American Canyon in 2002 with his wife Debra and two kids Alexis & Aiden. EJ made the decision to continue his service to the public after retirement by way of the Fire Service, so while on active duty he volunteered with the Suisun City Fire Department and worked part time with AMR Ambulance in Napa County. Shortly after his retirement from the Air Force, EJ received an offer to work for the American Canyon Fire Protection District in 2017. EJ’s days off are spent with his son and daughter at sporting events playing competitive lacrosse and softball. “I started with the SNFF in 2019 to not only be a representative for my local community of American Canyon but to extend my commitment to communities beyond my normal duty days. Volunteering my time gives me an opportunity to help in people's lives and it sets an example for my kids and gives me the satisfaction of playing a role in someone else's life no matter how small or big the task.”

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Eric Angulo - Vallejo Fire Department Representative

Eric Angulo was born and raised in Fairfield, CA. He worked for Medic Ambulance for 9 years before he was hired with Vallejo Fire Department in 2014. He was hired as a firefighter paramedic and was promoted to his current rank of engineer in March 2018. 

"Growing up my family struggled to make ends meet and often relied on organizations to get things like food and Christmas gifts, so when I joined the SNFF in 2016 it put me in a position to be able to give back. It makes it both meaningful and fulfilling." Eric enjoys working alongside other members of the SNFF, reviewing cases and coming up with solutions together.

Kevin Brown - 1186 Liaison 

Kevin Brown was born and raised in Vallejo, CA by Rick and Kathy Brown.  Kevin's interest in the fire service began shortly after graduating high school from St. Patrick-St. Vincent High School, where he learned the value of volunteering in the community.

Hired by as a wildland firefighter for the U.S. Forest Service, then as a resident firefighter by Cameron Park, Kevin ultimately joined IAFF Local 1186 in 2012 after being hired by the Vallejo Fire Department where he is currently and engineer.

Kevin proudly serves as a liaison to the Solano Napa Firefighters Foundation where he assists the foundation with organizing and managing volunteer fundraisers across Solano & Napa counties.

Kevin spends his days off with his wife, Heather, and dog Rollie Fingers engaged in community events and enjoying craft beer.


Ryan McDonald - Benicia Fire Department Representative


Ryan McDonald was born in San Diego and moved to the greater Sacramento area when he was 2. His interest in the fire service came while trying to pursue a career in professional golf. "I Had two buddies in the fire service that said I should check it out because they thought I’d be perfect for the job and would love it. - so I went to my first fire academy and fell in love with everything that it involved (even getting yelled at by instructors)." The first ambulance company he worked for was Pro-Transport 1 in Oakland, then Alpha one in Sacramento , and then eventually AMR in the Sac-Placer-Yolo counties. Ryan got hired with Benicia in February 2016 as a firefighter paramedic and that is his current rank. Ryan became involved with the 1186 union and took over projects such as the Benicia Peddlers Fair and Toys -For-Tots.
Through the 1186 union he became involved with the SNFF. "I absolutely love what the snff does and stands for, it gives back to the community and families in a very personal way. That has been something that I’ve always want to do and be apart of and I’m privileged to say I’m apart of an organization like that."
On his days off Ryan enjoys traveling this little world of ours. He also enjoy activities/sports outdoors. During the winter he enjoys snow sports and during the summer he enjoys traveling and water sports.


Nick Rubin - Fairfield Fire Department


Nick Rubin was born and raised in Fairfield. He graduated from Fairfield High and attended Solano College where he studied fire science and EMT and was a fire Explorer with Fairfield during that time. Nick was hired with Fairfield Fire Department as a reserve firefighter in 2009 while working for Medic Ambulance as an EMT and then as a paramedic. Nick was hired full time with FFD in 2014 and is currently assigned as the firefighter on TRUCK 37 B shift.

Nick began working with the SNFF a few years ago after being involved in our local 1186 union and really seeing the need for it. “It means a lot to me to be able to continue to give back to the community off duty and support the people who have given me so much.”


Josh Thoming - Fairfield Fire Department


Josh Thoming was born and raised in the city of Fairfield and graduated from Fairfield High School in 2007. He is currently a Firefighter/Paramedic for the Fairfield Fire Department.  Josh’s drive to become a firefighter was inspired by his father. “My father was a Captain with the City of Richmond Fire Department and I use to visit him in the firehouse and I just knew this profession, way of life, was for me.”  Josh recently joined the Solano-Napa Firefighters Foundation determined to give back to his community in the same way that it has given back to him. “I take pride in my community and want to show them how much they really mean to me.”  On his off days Josh likes to golf, soccer, spend time with his family, and believe it or not, yard work!